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Cooperation in rural development in Cameroon

Cooperation in rural development in Cameroon: analysis of some examples in the Far North region 


Abstract : The state of Cameroon has since independence placed multilateral and bilateral cooperation for foreign investments at the forefront of her rural development strategies. This was done not only with countries for diplomatic relations but also with some institutions having the rural development of Cameroon at heart. This is the case with the European Union. This study attempts an evaluation of the impact of cooperation in rural development in Cameroon using a case study analysis approach in the Far North region.  A review of existing documentation and reports on cooperation in
Cameroon provided an insight into this study. This was completed by field survey. The result of this study is very revealing. There is an array of institutions operating in the Far North region thanks to cooperation ties with the state of
Cameroon. These institutions have varied rural development policies and strategies centered on participation but all work towards improving the living conditions of the rural dwellers.