Dr MBANGA Lawrence AKEI, Ph.D


 Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography, Higher Teachers’ Training College, University of Maroua. Teaches the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Obtained a Ph.D in 2011 in the Department of Geography, University of Yaounde I in Human Geography and in the sub specialty of Management of Rural Geographic Space and Communities.

PhD Thesis defended with Distinction on the topic: An Analysis of Community Participation in the Rural Development Process of Ngoketunjia Division, North West Region of Cameroon

Permanent consultant for the Cameroon Geographic Information System, CAMGIS, Bamenda consultancy firm and a researcher for the Group of Local Development Facilitators, Yaoundé. He has

contributed to the realization of several town plans and Eco-tourism plans.

Contacts: +237 77 78 01 42 , +237 94 95 82 29, Email: Mbangalaw@yahoo.com




Course Title

Undergraduate 1

Initiation into cartographic techniques and analysis

1 (Chinese)

Geography of China


Urban Geography


Urban space dynamics


Initiation into rural and Urban Geography


Rural development in Cameroon and Africa

3 (SED)

Rural geography

Graduate 1

Fragile geographic zones and problems of territorial development


Epistemology of Geography


Globalisation and world space


Rural space dynamics


Urban space dynamics

Master research

Seminars on general knowledge and bilingualism

Master Research

Deepening of knowledge in Geography

Master Research

Local dynamics and development

Master Research

Natural catastrophes: prevention, manifestation and environmental impacts

Master Research

Urban dynamism and development











Though interested in the management of rural space and communities with focus on community participation for rural infrastructure development, his research activities involves several themes including urban development and tourism. He has taken part in the realization of several town plans and several coastal area tourism plans. His past and ongoing research cuts across the following themes:

–         Community participation and Rural development

–         Natural resources management (Livestock, transhumance, grazing, water management, etc)

–         Rural institutions and organization capacity building

–         Rural infrastructure management

–         Tourism

–         Urban institutions and development (Town planning)

–         Geographic information system for development planning


1) Participation of farmers’ groups as a panacea for revamping the agricultural sector in the North West Region of Cameroon

2)      Co-operation and rural territorial development in the Far North region

3)      The project approach for rural development in Cameroon

4)      The socio economic role of rural markets in the Far North region of Cameroon

5)      Frontier markets and international exchanges

6)      The rural non farm activities in rural transformation

7)      Rural transport


 1) Mbanga L. A. and Takem M. B. M. (2011) Peripheral agriculture by Yaounde urban dwellers in the Nsimalen area: a socio-economic and environmental analysis, In L’elite urbaine dans l’espace agricole Africaine, Exemples Camerounais et Sénégalais de

Joseph Gabriel Elong, décembre 2011, 312 pages http://www.editions-harmattan.fr

2) Mbanga L. A. and Stella N. W. (2011) Pioneer fronting in the dynamics of Mbonso in Bui division, North West Region, Cameroon, In African Journal of Social Sciences, Vol 3, N° 2, June 2012. PP. 68-84.

 3) Mbanga L. A. and Takem M. B. M. (2010) Evaluation of forest cover change in the Kilium-Ijim site of the North West Region of Cameroon, In Revue Kaliao, Higher Teachers’ training College, University of Maroua. Vol.2  No 4  pp 143-155.

 4) Elong, J. G. and Mbanga, L. A. (2009) “Improving collective rural infrastructure through community participation in Ngoketunjia Division, North West Region, Cameroon”. In Revue Internationale des Arts, Lettres et Sciences Sociales. Vol 1 N° 3. Pp 225-246

5)      NDI H. N. N., Nguendo Y. H. B. and Mbanga L. A. (2008) “State withdrawal and the emergence of alternative health care practices in Cameroon’s urban mileus”. In Journal of Health and Development. Vol 3 N°  3 and  4. pp 57-73.

6)      Moupou, M. and Mbanga, L. A. (2008) “Désengagement de l’Etat et responses  paysannes au Cameroun”. In Cahier d’Outre Mer, Revue de Géographie de Bordeaux : Milieu rural varia. N° 241-242, Vol 61, pp 163-183. En ligne depuis le 01 janvier 2011 sur : http://com.revues.org/3872

7)      Mbanga L. A and Gonne B. (At press) Rethinking biodiversity conservation strategies; an analysis of transhumance and grazing in the Benue, Faro, Bouba Ndjidda complex (FBBNC) in the North Region of Cameroon. Annals of the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences, University of Yaounde I.

9)   Mbanga L. A. and NDI H. N. N. (2013) Participation of farmers’ groups as a panacea for revamping the agricultural sector: analysis in the North West Region of Cameroon. In Revue Kaliao, Higher Teachers’ Training College, University of Maroua. Hor serie,


–          With WWF-CARPO-Garoua-Cameroon

2011:  Assistant Lead Consultant in a study on transhumance activities in the Faro, Benue and Bouba Ndjida Complex carried out by the Department of Geography, Higher Teachers’ Training College of the University of Maroua for the North Cameroon office of WWF Cameroon.

–         With CAMGIS, Bamenda Cameroon for PACCDU/European Union

2007 Researcher/Geographer in a diagnostic study and Town Plan for Bamenda, Bafoussam, Ngaoundere, Foumban and Maroua.

2005:  Coordinator of the Socio-Economic study for Town Planning in SOA, Yaounde,

–         Coordinated project priotization in strategic planning workshops.

–   With Group of Local Development Facilitators for United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)

2007  Diagnostic study for the Coastal Tourism Plan of the Kribi Campo coastal area, Cameroon

2008    Diagnostic study for the Coastal Tourism Plan of the Badagry Coastal town, Nigeria

2003:   With, promotion des Technologies garantes de l’Environnement et de la Qualité de vie (PROTEGE QV) centre de Développement.

–         Analysis of capacity building experience for mayors and municipal counselors

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